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ROAR's largest fundraiser yet

Picnic en Blanc

June 16, 2018  

Millstone Estate Winery

2300 East Wellington Rd

Nanaimo, BC

The weather was perfect for Nanaimo's first ever "Picnic en Blanc." It was a great excuse to dress up (all in white, of course) and have a marvellous time in a beautiful setting. 


One hundred picnickers assembled at the Millstone Estate Winery on Saturday, June 16, 2018. The setting was splendid. The evening was one to remember.


Guests showed up in their finest white clothing for a classy, fun “chic picnic.”

There were music, laughter, a unified "napkin wave," raffles, and a lovely prize for the best-trimmed table. 





A fine excuse to dress all in white and be fab!


Overall, the event was a unique experience and unlike anything else we have seen in these parts. The rules and standards may have seemed odd and fussy at first, but everyone got into the spirit of the thing. It was a wonderful evening, and we hope it will become the start of a great Nanaimo tradition.


The Picnic en Blanc was a fun way to bring people of all colours together — sharing food, wine and laughs, creating memories, and building community. All the money we earned from this event has gone to bringing a third LGBTQ refugee to Canada.

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