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A successful auction fundraiser

Our grateful thanks to those who made our first Auction a success. ROAR has added $3,000 to our refugee support account. We hope all participants were satisfied with their experience.

Bidding took place on our Facebook platform between October 29 and November 5, 2020. Bidders were interested in a broad range of generously donated merchandise, which included everything from art to garden equipment.

Funds collected will go towards bringing a sixth LGBTQ refugee to Nanaimo — we hope in 2021. Each refugee we resettle must be supported for one year. ROAR supplies all their needs: rent, furniture, clothing, food and other personal expenditures. On average we must raise $22,000 for every person we bring to Nanaimo.

So far, three newcomers have been successfully resettled in Canada. We are waiting for numbers 4 and 5, whose applications have been delayed by the COVID-19 crisis. A sponsorship group is currently being formed as we raise the required funds to bring in number 6.

Thank you to our participants and generous donors. We hope you enjoyed the Auction! 

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