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Reaching Out Assisting Refugees launches with a ROAR

Reaching Out Assisting Refugees is a newly formed organization based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. ROAR volunteers work to resettle LGBT people who face persecution in their home countries.


• In eight countries LGBT people face the death penalty.

• In over 70 countries LGBT people can legally be punished with imprisonment, sometimes life imprisonment, or public torture by their governments.

• In many parts of the world it is customary to blackmail, extort, force marriage, use corrective rape and practice honour killing on people who are suspected of being LGBT. It is also legal to refuse someone a job, a place to live, or other basic rights if they are suspected of being LGBT.

There are lots of ways to get involved:

» Financial support

» Volunteer your time

» Start or join a sponsorship group

» Donate furniture or household goods


Support ROAR by going to Canada Helps (

Donate to Brechin United Church - Nanaimo.

All funds will be used for LGBT refugee resettlement.


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